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Hardwood flooring offers outstanding durability, an extensive lifespan, and some of the most beautiful visuals in the industry, but it will also eventually require hardwood floor refinishing services. This helps ensure the lifespan while also bringing the floors back to a like-new appearance again. If you are currently considering refinishing services for your hardwood, here are some facts that might help you make the best decision.

Wood floor refinishing that works for you

You'll know it's time for wood floor refinishing when you begin to see areas in your floor's finish that are worn, scratched, or have water spots, among the most probable situations. If you're not certain if you require this service, we can offer an assessment that will yield professional results you can trust. Our goal is to provide the services you need for the results that last for years to come.

After assessing the situation with your specific flooring, the first step will be to sand away years of wear or abuse. This reveals a new layer of wood that allows us to add a brand new stain color and finish. You can opt to stay with the look you had from the start, or you can choose something new to compliment a new trend or décor change, with comprehensive choice options.

Depending on the size of your project and how much hardwood floor refinishing is required, the project time can vary. We will give you an estimate on the length of the remodel once we've examined your floors. If you'd like more information or to get started right away, stop by our showroom any time.



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At Premier Flooring & Design, we cater to our clients with more than 20 years of experience, ensuring complete satisfaction with the results of any service. We also offer the integrity and core values that have helped us build a reputation for excellence, with superior craftsmanship in everything we do. Be sure to share your requirements and preferences with us while you're here to take advantage of all that we make available to you.

We proudly serve the communities of Raleigh, NC, Cary, NC, Wake Forest, NC, Clayton, NC, and Knightdale, NC with a showroom located in Garner, NC. We also offer mobile showroom services so you can shop from the comfort of your own home. When you're ready for sanding floors or complete wood floor refinishing, contact us so that we can help you start right away.