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Raleigh Showroom
Raleigh Showroom

Raleigh Showroom

7 Days a week by appointment

Address: 1117 Corporation Pkwy Suite 102, Raleigh, NC 27610

Mobile Showroom

A mobile showroom is the ultimate in personal shopping, as it brings samples and information to YOU rather than the other way around. With your busy schedule, you barely have time to pick up the kids from soccer practice and get to the grocery store – let alone carve out time to shop for flooring. With a mobile showroom, you just call for an in-home consultation and answer the door when the technicians show up. That’s about it. The rest is easy. You view the products, chat about which would be best for your needs and budget, and schedule the installation – all from the convenience of home.

Mobile Showroom
Mobile Showroom
Eco-Friendly Flooring

Eco Friendly Flooring

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Flooring manufacturers today offer a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring options. Our knowledgable staff will walk you through all the different options to turn the vision for your dreams into a reality while also being earth-friendly.

Hypoallergenic Flooring Options

It used to be that you could only stick to certain types of flooring if you had bad allergies. Prepare to breathe easier. With recent innovations in technology and global access to a wide range of materials, there are more options in hypoallergenic flooring than ever before. Now you can ensure your spaces are safe and suitable for those who suffer from allergies, asthma, and other breathing problems.


Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring- Waterproof products are growing in popularity, as homeowners look for more innovative and durable flooring solutions. When you choose waterproof flooring, you’re not locked in to anyone look or style. If you haven’t explored waterproof flooring you are likely to be impressed by how stylish modern waterproof flooring solutions are. We carry a wide variety of waterproof flooring solutions to suit all tastes and budgets. Explore the many benefits that this choice has to offer! Waterproof flooring is a breeze to keep clean because it repels spills and stains. Substances sit on the surface of waterproof floors, rather than soaking in, so you can simply wipe them away. For a more intensive clean, simply run a wet mop or a steam cleaner over the floor. Since it’s waterproof, you don’t need to worry about water damage like you would with other hard surface flooring.

Waterproof flooring is perfect if you live with pets and children! We all know accidents happen. Trying to break them of bad behaviors can be nearly impossible, but you wouldn’t have them any other way. Don’t stress over the mess! Make a flooring decision that will let your pets and kids do their thing. With waterproof flooring, you can breathe a little easier and let your human kids and your fur kids roam freely around your home.

Waterproof Flooring

2 Year Installation Warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 2 year installation warranty speaks for itself! While our competitors are offering a 1 year labor warranty we stand by our installation quality. We offer 2 years for any install related issues.

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Eco Friendly Flooring
Hypoallergenic Flooring
Waterproof Flooring
5 Year Installation Warranty


Pet Friendly

Pet Soiled Flooring Removal

We offer this package for those “stinky” situations! Not only do we carry pet friendly waterproof flooring but we also provide a special removal package of your existing pet soiled flooring! We start by removing all existing soiled floors. Next, we treat the affected areas with a professional-strength bio-enzymatic formula that goes to work at once, releasing active bacteria that feed on ammonia residue left behind in pet urine and other organic materials. We will complete the process by installing your new waterproof flooring material! Ask us for more details today!

48 Hour Express Installations

We understand that life can be hectic and situations can come up quickly. Premier Flooring and Design offers a 48 hour express installation service for Carpet and Luxury Vinyl Plank products. Our goal is to provide you with quality flooring in a timely manner while maintaining the same customer service and superior craftsmanship we pride ourselves on!

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Dustless Sand and Refinish

Dustless Sand and Refinish- We offer Sanding and finishing of newly installed floors as well as sanding of existing floors, often referred to as “refinishing”. Depending on the species of wood and the look that you want to achieve, there are many techniques that can be used. They can range from a natural finish which is a fairly straightforward process, to a stained, dyed or oiled floor, which involves a longer process with more steps, to wire brushed and hand scraped floors which are techniques for creating texture on a sanded floor. Dustless sanding systems are vacuums that are attached to our sanders to help to eliminate airborne dust particles created by the sanding process. We provide top of the line dustless sand and refinish services using Bona, Clarke and Floorcrafter equipment. While containment systems don’t eliminate 100% of airborne dust, they are very effective and will help to keep your home clean and healthy during this process!


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